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Thought: “Your prices will be out of my league."

I received an email recently, he was a lovely man and our exchange was actually a lot of fun, but one comment he wrote has stuck with me. When asking about his plans for video production in the future he replied he would love to but "...your prices will be out of my league, I’m only a small family business." At the time this had me questioning what gave him that impression, we hadn't discussed any form of pricing nor anything we had discussed would have eluded to costing. So I put it down to two things: 1) Does my site give the impression that my prices would be astronomical? If so, then I guess it's a compliment to my design work! But also a huge problem if small companies I'd love to work with are being put off.

2) There is a general feeling that, if you want professional video content then the prices will be too high for any company not turning over 6 or 7 figures. Both theories come to the same conclusion though, it's time small businesses felt that high-quality and strategic video production was within reach for them. Off the back of this email exchange, I've now opened up my prices to anyone who gets in contact. My aim is to always be open and honest about pricing, timings, and deliverables so I help grow my community and offer video production services to every size and shape of company.

- Jack

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