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Advice: What video content should I post? 3 Key Questions.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into video production or a seasoned veteran knowing what content to create and send out for the world to see can sometimes be difficult. So here are the three key questions I always fall back to when coming up with content plans for clients.

What are my clients looking for?

Look past the fancy camera movements, hours of post production and all that time you spent thinking of a catchy title and video is a communications tool. The first thing you should ask yourself is “What are my clients looking for?”. Not only will this drive viewers to you site or social channels but you might find it helps you save time too! Maybe you find yourself explaining the difference between Product A and product B - a video will inform your viewers and save you from going insane.

What are my competition doing?

The next best place to start looking is with your competition. Before you say it, no this isn’t copying! It’s very easy to find yourself behind the times in many industries so keep researching what your competition are posting and adapt your messaging to stay relevant!

So jump on to google, see what they are doing and ask yourself if you can do it better or if you have a different take on it. It’s also good to branch out into similar businesses to see what content they’re posting, there may be a way to adapt it for yourself.

What knowledge can I share?

The final question I ask on behalf of my clients is “What knowledge can they share?”. Many of you will have heard of ”thought leadership” - acting as the brand that leads development and questions the norm. This works especially well with video production, you are the experts in your field and your customers or clients want to hear about your knowledge.

Keeping feeds consistently updated can seem like a daunting task, but with some creative input, a table to sit round and a calendar suddenly a year of content seems much easier to manage.

Looking for creative input and an effective video strategy? Get in contact and let’s get your content plan sorted.

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