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Thought: Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

I did not invent video production. I'm sorry.

Which means I also didn't invent that fancy camera movement or that idea I had where I shot through that glass of water or masked my transition from behind the tree.

For me, filmmaking is all about being a sponge. Seeing what's out there and having an opinion on the setup of a frame or the way a video flows. Then, for me, it's about knowing when to bring those references into play and how it can make my client's productions a little bit better...a little bit more than what it was before!

One of the many sources of inspiration for me comes from my bookmarks bar, I have a "Companies" folder which leads to a Film and Agencies folder which in turn has 30 to 40 video production and advertising agencies inside.

I'm constantly checking these sites to keep myself hungry to improve and keep up to date with the latest moods and trends. All of this by the way isn't cheating! It's doing my homework so clients reap the rewards.

The world is filled with so many talented creatives and filmmakers, I hope I can list myself as one of them in some small way, but until then I'm happy to stand on the shoulders of giants.

(Which is my favourite quote by the way.)

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