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Resource: The Four Types of Video Content

Coming up with content to post week on week for your brand can be hard, but once you know that every film can placed into one of four categories it can be a great starting point for coming up with ideas for future content.

Using the list below separate out any ideas to ensure you have a varied flow of different types of content.

To Entertain

Films that entertain your audience, showing the humans side of your organisation or highlighting personalities. You might do a Mastermind style interview with each employee, or create a parody of something that’s been on TV or trending online. It’s about showing that your brand is human and enjoys play as much as work. Watch out with this category though, entertaining is not for everyone, if you’re a strictly professional business your clients may not appreciate your take on the latest internet dance move or challenge!

To Inspire

Looking to change opinions or promote better behaviours? Inspirational films capture the ideal and communicate it for all to hear. Ideas for this might include a Thank You film for all the support you’ve received or a progress film celebrating your achievements. This category is all about leaving the viewer with a clear call to action they can immediately act on.

To Educate

Sharing knowledge is possibly the best way to build trust and set yourself as an expert in your field. In fact, this very post you’re reading comes under the education banner. By creating films that give worth to your audience you’ll create a strong connection with them for the future. Examples for this category include ”Top Tip” films or online workshops.

Always remember that you live and breathe your profession so even the most basic piece of knowledge will be of interest to your audience.

To Convince

Finally, convincing your audience through testimonials or cases studies is a guaranteed way to build up your status in the eyes of your viewers. This category is all bout giving yourself the backing of others and telling your audience “We’re great at what we do.”

Almost every company can create content that will tick one of these boxes. The next step is to ensure you’re delivering it to a high standard and on a consistent basis. If you’re looking for video content that makes your brand stand out get in contact now.

Photo by Joey Huang on Unsplash

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