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Resource: Personal Prime Time

With a bit more spare time on my hands, I've been brushing up my skills with the help of Google and Youtube Marketing courses. One thing I've been learning about is what Google calls "Personal Prime Time".

What Is It?

Unlike traditional TV advertising where brands will pay a premium for displaying their ads during prime time (according to Wikipedia (1) this is 17:30 to 23:00) Google and Youtube flip this concept around and focuses on having advertising content ready for when the user is most likely to engage, this is their own Personal Prime Time.

"People are turning to online video across different devices, times of day, and need states... As viewer passion takes center stage, marketers must rethink their approach to video to build meaningful customer relationships and drive results."(2)

What Are The Benefits?

55% of the time, TV adverts are being ignored (3) which makes it even more important that companies adapt to the viewing habits of their audiences - for instance where they're consuming their content (Youtube, Instagram, Linked, etc) and therefore considering how we engage them on those platforms.

By creating content that is there waiting for your viewer, on the platforms they're using, and relating to the subjects they're interested in, it's far more likely they'll be engaged and receive the messages you're putting out there unlike traditional prime time content.

How Can I Use This?

One way to use this is through Google AdSmarts, they will link your video content with people who are searching for similar videos. But you don't have to spend money to benefit from personal prime time (it's only an idea after all).

By creating content that directly answers the questions of your customers Google will naturally push viewers your way, that's their main aim, to connect users to answers as quickly as possible. You'll also be a huge resource for your own personal social media following if they know you have the content they're looking for, ready for when they need it.

So when I'm talking to clients about what content they want to create it's always worth asking, what will your audience be searching for and consuming during their own personal prime time?

For anyone wanting to know more, this is a really good resource created by Google.

- Jack





Photo by Victoria Heathon Unsplash

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