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Advice: Keep Your Films Short.

There has always been one mistake that I've seen companies big and small make time and time again - their films are just too long! On average people spend 6 hours 42 minutes a day using the internet. (1) That's every google search, youtube video, and Instagram scroll. (The top ten sites include Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter unsurprisingly!) That's a lot of time people are spending online and as a brand, you, of course, want to reach your audience and be included in their daily usage.

Working with companies I've seen them time and time again looking to make 3 minute + films filled with their brand messages, USP's, key facts, top tips and everything in between. Longer films, crammed start to end with content is unlikely to keep your viewers engaged!

Below are the optimal lengths for each platform and it makes it clear to see - shorter, more engaging content is the way forward. Think about what messages your audience really wants to hear about and make a film no longer than a minute to keep your viewers watching from start to finish. Facebook

Optimal Length: 1 Minute (2)


Optimal Length: 2 Minutes (2)


Optimal Length: 45 Seconds (2)


Optimal Length: 30 Seconds. (2)


Optimal Length: 15-90 seconds (3)

Looking for film content for your brand? Get in contact and let's start creating content worth watching.




Cover Photo by Kushagra Kevat on Unsplash

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