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Thought: It's All In The Relationship

I don't want to sound like I'm getting too big for my boots, but over the past decade, I've worked on A LOT of productions, from smaller social media-based films to those big TV adverts that come with all the cast and crew a filmmaker could ever need. But one thing I realised the other day is, no matter how big or small the production, it was always the relationships with the client and crew that would make an "ok" production an incredible production.

I have been extremely fortunate over the past few months to work with some incredible entrepreneurs and met some genuinely lovely people. When it came to signing off the final films for some of my clients I would feel genuinely sad! We had built up a friendship as well as a working relationship and although we will keep in contact, working together on production is like no other way of working.

For me, the relationship between client and filmmaker should to begin with be based on a mutual respect and understanding of what each player will bring to the game.

The Clent:

Holding my hands up, I'm almost always clueless at the start of a project. I have no idea how the client's mobile app works or what the process is for designing, building, and shipping packaging. So the client is there to guide, teach, and inform every step of the way. I also haven't been invested in their brands for as long, I usually find myself jumping on board pretty early on, every brand is exciting in some way, but again, clients live and breathe their brand, so they will instinctively know if and the idea fits the brand and communicates to their audience.

The Filmmaker:

So this is where I come in, I bring the outside perspective, the film knowledge the way of breaking down a client's 20-year history into a 60-second film. I'm there to bring the ideas, to push boundaries, and act as a bridge between the brand and the people they want to talk to. There's also a lot of technical knowledge and experience, scenes captured in a certain way so they work in the edit or painting with light to envoke the right feelings.

It's always important that the filmmaker is adaptable and ready to be led down paths they may not have thought of if that's what the client is looking for and at the end of the day, I'm always pushing myself to offer the best service possible and make video production as open and accessible as it can be.

When both the client and the filmmaker work together, with great communication and an openness to work together towards the end goal, that's what makes incredible film content.

Think you might be a good client? Drop me an email and let's make something.

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