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Thought: Is The Future of Video Animation?


Live action filmmaking feels dangerous right now. This gives us an opportunity to raise our standards of animation. I wouldn’t consider myself a true animator but this project for Wye Valley Meadery is my first attempt at creating something beautiful and not just a PowerPoint with gloss.

Live action video production needs human interaction, wether it be behind the camera, with your director and crew or in front with the talent or interviewees. The work that goes into making an end product relies on groups of people working together in close proximity.

At the time of writing this schools in the UK are closed, resturants and bars seem like a distant memory and I haven’t had to face the morning commute for more than a month....suddenly groups of people working together in close proximity seems - dangerous.

So where does that leave us? If we can’t safely go out and film that leaves us with staying in so I guess...animation.

Animation is safe, effective and in many ways more flexible and diverse than live action (it’s expensive to film in space or create a set for a period piece!) but for me, it’s always been a way for companies to deliver PowerPoint presentations with a bit of a gloss.

So I’m trying to change my mindset - I’m pushing myself to see if I can get as passionate about animation as I do about live action. To create that same level of beauty and perfection I try to reach in my other work but through key frames and adjustment layers.

Many of the skills you learn as a filmmaker carry across quite nicely, lighting, composition, storytelling etc but the process is slow and mistakes can take hours or days to fix.

I’ve created a film for Wye Valley Meadery which is my first step towards trying to create some form of beauty away from the camera. It’s a modest attempt I hope and it’s left me wondering if animation is the future of video productions -but If it is then it’s a challenge I’m looking forward to growing with and if not then maybe it’s just another string I can add to my bow.

Have a look at my work for Wye Valley Meadery and let me know your thoughts.

Huge thank you to the guys at the Meadery for working with me to create this film.

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