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After COVID: The Films Every Company Will Need

The world we’re living in right now means that most companies aren’t looking for film content - or at least those who are have limited resources or are needing to adapt to find new and innovative ways to deliver their messages.

Yet at some point more businesses will have to open their doors again. With that in mind I’m going to take an educated guess as to what content you will need to hit the ground running when lock down has been lifted.

1) “We’re back!”

A film highlighting that you’re once again open for business is the best (and most logical) place to start. Letting your customer and clients know that you’re operating again gives them the green light to approach you for new enquires and contributes to their lives going back to normal.

2) Key Information

Wether it’s a new client or an existing relationship, your customers will need to be kept up to date with how your business may have adapted or what steps are being taken in-line with the latest government policy.

This is also a great opportunity to educate your customers on what you expect from them to keep everyone safe.

3) Offers/Promotions Video content highlighting offers or promotions will be a great strategic way to get yours clients and customers spending with you again. Many visitors to your sight will have a firm grasp on their finances initially so creating an offer that is beneficial to them is key. Be careful with this though, a hard sale is probably not what your customers are looking for right now. (See below!) 4) Authentic Content

Most of the time people don’t want to be sold to anyway. But once businesses open it’s important that the content you put out connects with your audience and brings them closer to your brand.

It’s important your content doesn’t come across as insensitive - coronavirus has effected a lot of people in a number of ways and there will be no quick fix to getting business back up and running fast.

5) Something Lighthearted

News feeds have been populated with stories of Covid19 for months. Providing fresh, lighthearted content that grabs attention in a respectful manner is likely to perform well on social platforms once businesses start to trade again.

Again, make sure you ask yourself wether the content your creating is respectful and appropriate before posting.

The landscape of business and therefore the way we advertise ourselves will change after covid19 so it’s important we adapt to the mood of the public and ensure the content we put out is well thought through and adds something to our viewers day.

If you’re a business looking for ideas or want to discuss a creative please get in contact.

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