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I create video content for brands. Whether you're a startup or an established business I create content that helps you be seen through beautiful visuals and some post-production magic!

Video Production: Bringing my experience from the world of TV Commercials, Online Productions, and Social Media Content I can help you be seen, heard, and understood. 

Animation: From presentations to complete films if you're looking for a simple and engaging way to communicate with your audiences I have a number of years experience bring 2D illustrations to life. 


Advice & Training: Looking to spruce up your image or looking for one-to-one training on how to conquer the interview then I can provide you with the insights and knowledge you're looking for.  

My goal is to bring high-quality film and animation productions to the businesses and brands in my local area and further afield. It's about time every organisation had access to beautifully curated content that makes them fall in love with their brand all over again.

Feel free to drop me an email about your project so we can work together and make something you can't wait to share.


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Stockport, UK

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